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We believe the way we manage quality at every stage of a prefab project is what sets us apart.

4Q™ is the name of our quality management system at Propel Prefabrication, and we believe the way we manage quality at every stage of a prefabrication contract sets us apart from our competition.

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Quality Check of Initial Design

The benefits of prefabrication begin with the design phase of a construction project. Advanced work planning and a lean construction philosophy allow project managers to “get out in front” of the project and more efficiently manage outcomes.

Our experienced team of prefabrication managers and estimators review each new project’s initial design to identify potential challenges before they occur, and to plan for maximum efficiency during the build phase.

Through tight project design review and a clear line of communication with our customers, we deliver quality during the design phase of each project.

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Quality Check of Initial Build

The work we do at our facility is our calling card when it arrives at the project site. We understand that the success of prefabrication for your project depends on cutting overall waste expenses.

That’s why each item completed as part of your prefabrication order is reviewed for its alignment with specifications. We know that change orders happen. We work hard to avoid ever being the cause of that change.

Through attention to detail and active review of all deliverables against project design specifications, we deliver quality during the build phase of each project.

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Quality Check of Upon Delivery

The logistics of JIT product delivery is something we understand. Beginning at the design review stage of the project, before prefabrication work even begins, we focus on the particulars of how we’ll deliver our products to your project site.

We know that all the benefits of prefabrication disappear when a project timeline slips due to delays in the delivery schedule. As such, at the very beginning of each project, we’re anticipating the size of the final load, state and DOT requirements, alternate routes, and everything else that might stand between you and your ultimate project success.

With a focus on the logistics of how each order arrives on the job site, we deliver quality to our customers through professional fulfillment and delivery management.

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Quality Check of Upon Load-Out

Streamlined project management depends on the arrival of specific materials at tightly specified times. When we complete the load-out of a prefabrication project, we understand that while much of our work is done, the larger project is still depending on us to deliver.

For us, the load-out phase of the project is an opportunity to verify that everything is in place, as specified, and that the larger project is set up for success.

Through a final check of every order we fulfill, we deliver quality to our customers during the load-out phase of each project.

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