30’ Rolling Security Gate

Propel Prefabrication addresses hotel's security concerns by designing and constructing a custom 30-foot gate, ensuring optimal protection for customer cars during after-hours.


The hotel faced a pressing challenge when it came to safeguarding the security of customer cars within their parking lot after-hours. Trespassers frequently entered the parking area, raising concerns about potential thefts or damages. However, the hotel encountered a unique hurdle due to the configuration of their driveway, which featured a 30-foot span opening. This created uncertainty regarding the available options for security gates that could effectively cover such a considerable length.


The skilled team at Propel created a custom 30-foot gate that could easily roll to allow the hotel to secure the parking lot after-hours. Standard online gates were not suitable due to the specific length required, necessitating a custom-built gate. Additionally, a custom sign was installed to divert traffic to the hotel's main entrance, enhancing convenience and ensuring a seamless experience for guests.
Project Type
30’ Rolling Security Gate
Project Owner
Towneplace Suites by Marriott
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