30’ x 20’ Carport

Propel Prefab's custom carport solution provided efficient and weatherproof protection for golf carts while optimizing limited parking lot space, surpassing the customer's needs and expectations.


The customer faced a significant challenge as they lacked a garage or suitable location to protect their golf carts from weathering. Additionally, they needed a solution that would cover both the carts and the exit door while working within the constraints of their limited parking lot space.


To address these challenges, Propel Prefabrication designed and implemented a custom carport solution. The carport featured PBR panels that not only provided ample parking space but also offered reliable protection from rain and other weather elements. This tailored solution successfully accommodated the customer's needs, ensuring that their golf carts remained shielded from the elements while also allowing convenient access to the exit door.
Project Type
30’ x 20’ Carport
Project Owner
Trinity University
Contract Amount