60’ Custom Fence

Propel Prefabrication triumphed over design challenges by creating a custom fence to perfectly match the customer's front patio.


The customer wanted to add a fence in the back yard to match their front patio's custom fence, but finding a company to replicate the design and orientation proved challenging. Despite extensive searches, no other companies offered a suitable custom fence solution. Achieving visual consistency and aesthetic harmony between the front and back of their property became a pressing challenge for the customer.


The skilled team at Propel devised a tailored solution, creating a custom 30-foot gate that could easily roll to allow the hotel to secure the parking lot after-hours. Standard online gates were not suitable due to the specific length required, necessitating a custom-built gate. The team successfully constructed the gate, ensuring its smooth operation and functionality. Additionally, a custom sign was installed to divert traffic to the hotel's main entrance, enhancing convenience and ensuring a seamless experience for guests.
Project Type
60’ Custom Fence
Project Owner
Residential Customer
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