Indoor Panel Fencing

Propel Prefabrication created a custom 6' panel fence that added an industrial look to the basketball practice facility, ensuring protection for spectators, equipment, and the court's functionality.


The basketball practice facility faced a significant challenge as flying balls posed safety risks to spectators and equipment. Without proper protection in place, yelling "heads up!" was the only way to warn people of incoming balls. The customer wanted a solution that would add an industrial look to the court while ensuring the safety and care of those on the sidelines without disrupting court sessions.


The team at Propel Prefabrication designed a custom 6' panel fence, tailored to fit inside the facility. However, building the fence inside the facility required meticulous planning and adjustments. Propel Prefabrication delivered a seamless solution that not only added an industrial touch but also provided much-needed protection for spectators and equipment during basketball practices.
Project Type
Panel Fencing
Project Owner
The Hooplife Brand
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