Indoor Steel Handrailing

Propel Prefab surpassed expectations by skillfully constructing a sleek steel railing, utilizing Tig-welding techniques to ensure safety and minimize fumes, resulting in a modern interior upgrade for the customer's home.


The customer faced a challenge when it came to upgrading the interior of their home by replacing the outdated wood railing with a modern and stylish steel alternative. They sought to create a distinct ambiance that would perfectly complement their new home, as they believed that wood railing no longer aligned with the contemporary aesthetic they desired. Moreover, the customer emphasized the importance of safety and support, requiring a railing solution that could provide a secure environment for their family.


Propel Prefabrication skillfully utilized Tig-welding techniques to construct a sleek steel railing inside the customer's home, minimizing fumes and sparks. By mounting the railing to the skirt board molding, they achieved a seamless and stylish integration, satisfying the customer's desire for a modern aesthetic while ensuring the safety and support needed for their family. The final result exceeded expectations, elevating the interior of the home with a distinguished steel railing that perfectly complemented their new home's ambiance.
Project Type
Indoor Steel Handrailing
Project Owner
Residential Customer
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