Wire Rope Fencing

Propel Prefabrication's team installed a visually appealing cable wire fence addressing the issue of pedestrian jaywalking and enhancing safety in the parking lot near Wilford Hall on Lackland Air Force Base.


The parking lot across the street from Wilford Hall on Lackland Air Force Base faced a persistent issue of pedestrian jaywalking, posing safety risks. To mitigate this problem and ensure a secure walk-path for pedestrians, the idea of implementing a cable wire fence was proposed and approved. The primary objective was to establish a designated walking route along the sidewalk, leading to the crosswalk positioned at the center of the parking lot and providing a safe pathway to the front entrance of Wilford Hall.


The solution for the parking lot across from Wilford Hall on Lackland Air Force Base involved installing a cable wire fence with posts every 10 feet and three runs of wire cable. This visually pleasing fence aimed to deter pedestrian jaywalking while maintaining an appealing appearance. Despite the open and exposed area with speed limits, the pedestrian-to-car ratio will be significantly reduced by channeling pedestrians to a designated walkway spanning 475 feet. The fence will enhance safety and provide a secure pathway to Wilford Hall.
Project Type
Wire Rope Fencing
Project Owner
VWI Industries USAF Lackland Airforce Wilford Hall Parking
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