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Custom-fabricated solutions that reduce labor costs and keep you on schedule

Special projects often require custom solutions to meet the project owner’s design goals. When traditional components and off-the-shelf solutions just won’t get the job done, you need a one-off, built-for-purpose solution you can trust.

Propel Prefab can deliver that custom solution. Our team takes great pride in providing fast, reliable, and elegant answers to your toughest design challenges.

Fabricated steel component being welded in San Antonio Texas

Custom Components for your Project


Propel Prefab can seamlessly integrate with your design team to take a one-of-a-kind idea and turn it into project success.

  • Site-Specific Design Considerations
  • Custom Technology Configurations
  • Unique Fabrication Requirements
  • Fit-for-Purpose Design Enhancements

Propel your idea forward


Propel Prefab understands the importance of minding the nickels and dimes to save dollars at the end of your construction project. Our industry-leading approach to customer service maximizes profits for our customers. At Propel, we understand the value of:


Custom Assemblies

Our custom assemblies are designed and engineered to project specifications, electrical plans, and system requirements. The process adheres to electrical standards and quality control measures to ensure the performance, functionality, and safety of the units.


Below is a list of assemblies which we offer at Propel Prefab.

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Custom Fabricated Components

Fibre Channel swich. Severs computer bottom view

Custom Fabricated Racks

Fibre Channel swich. Severs computer bottom view

Custom conduit bends

Fibre Channel swich. Severs computer bottom view

Custom Steel Conduit Supports

Our Process

At Propel, we take pride in our process for the prefabrication of custom components.

Design and Engineering

We begin by creating a detailed design of the custom electrical component based on the specific requirements. This involves determining the dimensions, specifications, materials, and other necessary details.

Material Selection

Once the design is finalized, we determine the appropriate materials needed for the component. These are selected based on factors such as conductivity, durability, and compatibility with the intended application. At Propel we always use quality parts in our builds.

Cutting and Shaping

When the materials are selected they are cut and shaped according to the design specifications. Propel Prefabrication has specialized tools such as saws, drills, and cutting machines to get the job done.


The individual components of the custom electrical component are then assembled together. This process can include attaching wires, connectors, circuit boards, or any other necessary parts.

Wiring and Connections

Once the structure of the component is built, the wiring and connections required for the electrical component are installed. This involves routing and connecting the wires according to the design, ensuring proper insulation, and using appropriate connectors.

Testing and Quality Assurance

After the assembly and wiring are completed, the custom electrical component undergoes thorough testing to ensure its functionality, safety, and adherence to specifications. This involves electrical testing, performance testing, safety testing, and other relevant checks.

Finishing and Insulation

The component is finished with protective coatings, insulation materials, or any necessary finishes to enhance durability, aesthetics, or electrical performance. We ensure out standard of quality is met as the component in finalized.

Packaging and Labeling

Once the custom electrical component passes quality assurance, it is packaged securely, and relevant labeling is applied. This helps in identifying the component, providing instructions, and ensuring proper handling during transportation and installation. Propel coordinates with Project Managers and other stakeholders on safe and proper delivery to the job site.


Lastly, detailed documentation is prepared, which includes specifications, drawings, testing records, and any other relevant information related to the custom electrical component. This documentation is important for future reference, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Doug Tripodo
Senior Project Manager, Facility Solutions Group

"Propel Prefab recently partnered with us on a new hospital build for UT Health. We are now 70% complete and Propel has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our schedule Milestones. Propel had built much of our overhead conduit racking and pre-assembled all (12) of our electrical rooms. As a result of their services we have been able to make all of our "power on" deadlines and due to the quality of their product , our testing commissioning has run smoothly."I would not build another large project without considering Propel for our Prefab systems."

Andrew Layman
Vice President, Propel Prefabrication

“Prefabrication is no longer just a small part of the construction industry. It has become an integral component of modern construction, offering efficiency, cost savings, and increased quality control. By leveraging technology and innovation, prefabrication has the potential to revolutionize the way we build, allowing us to construct complex structures in less time and with less waste. All while meeting growing demands for sustainability and energy efficiency.”

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