Custom-fabricated components that reduce labor costs and keep you on schedule

Special projects often require custom solutions to meet the project owner’s design goals. When traditional components and off-the-shelf solutions just won’t get the job done, you need a one-off, built-for-purpose solution you can trust.

Propel Prefab can deliver that custom solution. Our team takes great pride in providing fast, reliable, and elegant answers to your toughest design challenges.


Custom Components for your Project


Propel Prefab can seamlessly integrate with your design team to take a one-of-a-kind idea and turn it into project success.

  • Site-Specific Design Considerations
  • Custom Technology Configurations
  • Unique Fabrication Requirements
  • Fit-for-Purpose Design Enhancements

Propel your Project Goals


Propel Prefab understands the importance of minding the nickels and dimes to save dollars at the end of your construction project. Our industry-leading approach to customer service maximizes profits for our customers. At Propel, we understand the value of:


Prefabricated Assemblies


Below is a list of Prefabricated Assemblies which we offer at Propel Prefab.

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Custom Fabricated Components

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Custom Fabricated Racks


“We're seeing a significant reduction in labor hours in the field because we're able to transfer that manufacturing into a shop setting with good lighting and no other trades around, so we're able to efficiently get the builds done in a safe controlled environment.”

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