Pre-assembled electrical components that reduce labor costs and keep you on schedule

Electrician is using a digital meter to measure the voltage at the circuit breaker control cabinet on the wall.

Prefabricated Electrical Components


Propel Prefab delivers standard, pre-assembled electrical components that dramatically reduce labor costs in the field.

  • Conduit Assemblies
  • Electrical Panel Assemblies
  • In-Wall Box Assemblies
  • Whip & Wiring Assemblies
  • Quick Connect Assemblies
  • Low Voltage Cabling Assemblies
  • Cable Management Assemblies
  • Lighting Installation Assemblies

Propel your Project Goals


Propel Prefab understands the importance of minding the nickels and dimes to save dollars at the end of your construction project. Our industry-leading approach to customer service maximizes profits for our customers. At Propel, we understand the value of:


Prefabricated Assemblies


Below is a list of Prefabricated Assemblies that we offer at Propel Prefab.


Conduit Assemblies


Electrical Panel Assemblies


In Wall Box Assemblies


Whip & Wiring Assemblies


Quick Connect Assemblies


Low Voltage Cabling Assemblies

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Cable Management Assemblies

Why Choose Prefabrication?


Electrical prefabrication offers several advantages, including increased construction efficiency, improved quality control, cost savings, enhanced safety, and design flexibility.

By moving the electrical work to a controlled factory environment, potential issues and delays associated with on-site construction can be minimized, leading to faster project completion and improved overall project quality.


Doug Tripodo
Senior Project Manager, Facility Solutions Group

"Propel Prefab recently partnered with us on a new hospital build for UT Health. We are now 70% complete and Propel has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our schedule Milestones. Propel had built much of our overhead conduit racking and pre-assembled all (12) of our electrical rooms. As a result of their services we have been able to make all of our "power on" deadlines and due to the quality of their product , our testing commissioning has run smoothly."I would not build another large project without considering Propel for our Prefab systems."

Andrew Layman
Vice President, Propel Prefabrication

“Prefabrication is no longer just a small part of the construction industry. It has become an integral component of modern construction, offering efficiency, cost savings, and increased quality control. By leveraging technology and innovation, prefabrication has the potential to revolutionize the way we build, allowing us to construct complex structures in less time and with less waste. All while meeting growing demands for sustainability and energy efficiency.”

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