Custom-fabricated structural components that reduce labor costs and keep you on schedule

Across the construction industry, opportunities to save on labor, waste, and safety costs while still delivering top-quality fabrication can make the difference between a project that just marks time and one that advances your organization’s goals.

Propel Prefab has mastered the margins that make a difference on your next project.  Our structural prefabrication services deliver quality work, with just-in-time efficiency, to ensure your next project maximizes the profit potential you’re counting on.


Prefabricated Structural Components


Propel Prefab delivers custom-fabricated structural components that dramatically reduce labor costs in the field.

  • Custom Fabricated Components
  • Steel & Iron Fabrication
  • Stairs & Handrail Fabrication
  • Pipe Rack & Conduit Structures
  • Underground Electrical Support Fabrication
  • Electrical Transformer & Panel Rack Fabrication
  • Structural Transformer Support Fabrication
  • Structural & Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication
  • Safety System Support Fabrication
  • Fence & Gate System Fabrication

Propel your Project Goals


Propel Prefab understands the importance of minding the nickels and dimes to save dollars at the end of your construction project. Our industry-leading approach to customer service maximizes profits for our customers. At Propel, we understand the value of:


Prefabricated Assemblies


Below is a list of Prefabricated Assemblies that we offer at Propel Prefab.

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Prefabricated Structural Components

1 (8)

Stairs & Handrail Fabrication

1 (9)

Pipe Rack & Conduit Structures

1 (10)

Underground Electrical Support Fabrication

1 (11)

Safety System Support Fabrication


Fence & Gate System Fabrication


“We can get ahead on the project so that we can deliver the assembled product when they need it. There's a reduction in risk because everything is brought into a shop and we are building it in a controlled setting where we can check quality control and ensure that it's a safe environment for everyone.”

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