About Propel Prefab


From our home in San Antonio, Texas, Propel Prefabrication delivers quality products and services to construction project teams working throughout Texas and across the country. Our company was founded on the belief that electrical and structural prefabrication, when considered proactively as part of a total project execution strategy, can positively impact bottom line profits for electrical contractors, general contractors, and other project stakeholders.

As awareness of the value of electrical prefabrication has risen in the construction industry, Propel Prefabrication has invested heavily in providing the core benefits our customers expect from each project.

For every one of our customers, Propel Prefabrication delivers:

  • The latest CAD, BIM, and project management tools
  • Interactive, engaged design review
  • Lean construction practices
  • Controlled, modern work environments
  • Standardized procedures
  • Expert training
  • Professional safety and risk management
  • Industry-leading quality controls
  • Reliable transportation and delivery logistics to meet JIT project schedules

Propel Prefab is your next project’s secret weapon for increasing slim margins and trimming wasteful costs associated with traditional electrical construction projects.

The Propel Prefab Team

Andrew Layman photo

Andrew Layman

Vice President
Nathaniel Kevresian photo

Nathaniel Kevresian

Prefabrication Manager
Pamela Patten photo

Pamela Patten

Master Electrician & QA/QC

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