Holt Cat

Lighting Retrofit Case Study

Holt Cat Case Study


This lighting upgrade we focused on the service shops and the warehouses. The maintenance managers at Holt were spending too much time changing light bulbs. They learned that what they really needed was a lighting professional. When it came to creating an efficient and effective lighting retrofit project, Holt Caterpillar needed a partner that could come along and offer the right lighting solution without unnecessary cost and complications. FSG and GE worked together to audit the facility and specify the application. FSG believes it shouldn’t be difficult to get the lighting that a business wants, so FSG came in and helped Holt create a four-step process to getting exactly what it was that they were looking for when it came to lighting their facility. 


Every project begins with design, and in Holt’s particular case we needed to understand what it was they were looking for and what it was we could offer to help them achieve that. They wanted to reduce energy and improve longevity. Using LED technology, we were able to reduce the number of fixtures from 583 to 494 while still significantly improving their lighting levels. Once we designed the solution, it was time to get to work. With Holt Caterpillar, there were a number of challenges. This was a live shop and it needed to stay running, so we really had to think through how to get this job done without affecting the business. In this particular case, we actually found one part of the project wasn’t meeting the design spec. We were able to correct it on-site and keep the project going, and not have the added cost of coming back later and fixing it because we were evaluating the whole time. The fourth step is to maintain because at FSG we’re not content to just do one and be done. We want to be there for the long term. So in this particular case with Holt, we’re going to be there throughout the warranty period and throughout the life cycle of this lighting project to make sure it works and it meets their goals.

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Dallas,  Texas

When Holt Cat needed a lighting partner to retrofit their Dallas maintenance facility, they looked to their long-time lighting partner, FSG. Along with expert support from General Electric, FSG provided a retrofit that solved their lighting challenges while reducing energy, glare and lighting maintenance headaches.